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Androulakis Law Offices were established in 1968 and have grown over the years to become one of the foremost and best-known providers of legal services in the wider area of criminal law in Greece.

Founder and principal, Professor Nicolas K. Androulakis, a member of the Academy of Athens and President of the Greek Society for Criminal Law, is the leading Greek authority in matters of criminal law and litigation, author of numerous books and articles, including standard Greek reference books in the above fields, and one of the most respected criminal lawyers in the country.

Our associates have as a rule received extensive legal training in Greece and abroad, are multilingual, have broad practical experience representing prominent individuals and major corporations, including many of the most serious criminal cases tried in Greece during the last decades, have taken part in the preparation of domestic and EU legislation, and are considered among the most reliable experts in their area of specialization.

We cater in principle to the needs of clients implicated in any form of criminal proceedings and litigation or seeking expert advice in matters of Greek, European and international criminal law. Additionally, through the establishment of Androulakis Rechtsanwälte in Munich, Germany and our wide network of collaborating lawyers, we provide full coverage for individual or corporate clientele involved in trans-border, Greek-German civil and commercial litigation, financial transactions, inheritance management and real estate deals.

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